Project Transit

Qualification, work and transition management in the prison system

Project Objectives
Young offenders serving their prison sentence are confronted with various problems. Apart from the distressing situation they face in prison, many of them have to deal with financial, family or health problems. The project “Transit” aims at the sustainable social and labour market reintegration of young male prisoners through the approach of transition management. To reach this goal, the project addresses different target groups inside and outside prison.

Inside Prison:

Outside Prison:

The project „Transit“ is carried out in the context of the national programme „XENOS –Integration and Diversity“ which is financed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the European Social Fund.
Among others, “XENOS” aims at the promotion of non-discrimination and equal opportunities at the labour market and of cultural diversity at the workplace. The target groups of the programme range from disadvantaged youths and young adults to older people and (ex)offenders in order to facilitate their social and labour market integration.